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Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok, The Spiritual Father of St Elisabeth Convent, Consecrated The New Guesthouse

The Rev Andrew Lemeshonok served a moleben with blessing of water and consecrated a new Pilgrims' Centre on June 1.

Addressing the staff and the builders of this Centre, Father Andrew said, «This Guesthouse is more than just a hotel. It should help people to get involved in spiritual life. Those who greet the guests will have this huge responsibility. The guests should be able to see divine beauty in you and therefore be willing to meet God and come to our Convent again».

Currently, the guesthouse for pilgrims is almost finished: the only stage that is left is interior decoration of the cells.

Soon, the Pilgrims' Centre will become a place where monastics, individual pilgrims and groups will be able to stay. It will be a place where they could sleep, eat, and book sightseeing tours.

With prior arrangement, the guests will have the opportunity to order meals in the café located on the ground floor. The Pilgrims' Office of the Centre organises pilgrimages to holy places in Belarus, Minsk and other towns of the Diocese of Minsk, as well as tours around St Elisabeth Convent and its rehabilitation centres.

June 24, 2016

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