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The 16th International Royal Voice Festival of Orthodox Music Took Place in Our Convent

Choirs from Belarus and Russia took part in the 16th International Royal Voice Festival of Orthodox Music, held in St Convent on October 22 and 23. The residents of Minsk had the opportunity to enjoy the rich and diverse world of church music.

In spite of their young age, children from Tsarevich Boys Ensemble of the Choir Studio of St Demetrius School performed fairly complex musical pieces. Choral pieces sung by Etheria Academic Choir of Yaroslavl State University n.a. P. Demidov were characterised by variety and skill. The Male Choir of SS Peter and Paul Cathedral (Minsk) demonstrated highly professional performance of classical church music. The singing of the Parish Choir of St Tikhon's Church, Hancavičy, proved yet again that the Belarusian land is full of talents — both singers and composers — because most of the pieces performed by this choir were harmonised or arranged by Lubov Zanko, its precentor.

«Our concert has a completely different scenario each year», Nun Juliania (Denisova) told our reporter. «The programme of the festival is based on the pieces suggested by the choir masters themselves. For instance, this time O Champion Leader in Deacon Sergius Trubachev's harmonization was first performed by Tsarevich Boy Choir, and then by the Male Choir of SS Peter and Paul Cathedral at the end of the day. In Thy Kingdom was performed three times during the festival; each time it sounded uniquely, and this is a perfect illustration of the universality of the Orthodox faith».

Initially, the Royal Voice Festival was also held after Easter. However, next year instead of the Easter festival there will be Easter concerts and other events — and there typically are plenty of such events happening in our Convent during the Eastertide. From now on, the Royal Voice Festival will be held only on the first Saturday after the Feast of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God.

October 26, 2016

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