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I am full of determination to follow the paths of Christ my Savior; O Lord, bless me and help me…I am going.
From the charter of the St. Martha and Mary Convent
I am surely unworthy of the boundless joy the Lord gives me, the joy of following this path, but I will try, and He who is sheer love will forgive my shortcomings, for He knows how much I want to serve Him…
Grand Princess Elisabeth

When God’s love touches a person, he recovers. Like a light cloud, the Lord’s love carries the soul towards the Eternal Source of Love, filling it with unquenchable light.

Like the sun that warms flowers and they are drawn to it, the soul that loves God is unceasingly drawn to Him.

Abiding in light, it becomes light-bearer itself. For such a person there is no difference between foreigners and friends, because the lives of everyone become his own life.

The path of Christian love is road to Calvary, but when God’s grace strengthens one’s soul, the person does not feel the difficulty of this path, but he rather is happy to have an opportunity to serve the Lord and his neighbor.

Rough is the earthly path,
But there’s no other way
Apart from carrying one’s heart
To Heavens golden gate
Archbishop John (Shaknovskoi)

Clouds assemble and dissemble. Each person is alone before God. The quiet light of eternity shows the way. Like a bird in the air, a soul in God is embraced by Him all around. The Lord cares for each soul, calls for it with love. He waits patiently, never forcing a person to answer to His call, because he respects human freedom. And a person chooses light or darkness himself. (Cf. John 3:19).

The way of our heavenly patroness – St. Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth – is like a beam of light that warms everybody with mercy and good.

Saint Elisabeth
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