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For pilgrims

People set out for a pilgrimage for a variety of reasons. Some have a clearly-realized spiritual need and feel drawn to visit the sanctuaries, pray to saints and venerate wonder-working icons. Some are seeking consolation in times of unrest and a temporary getaway from the adversities of life. Others come out of curiosity, looking for new impressions and discoveries.

But whatever the reasons for a pilgrimage may be, pilgrims are in all cases sure to touch the divine grace as it is present in monasteries and temples and is also conveyed through the faithful whom pilgrims meet and contact during the trip. For many, a pilgrimage provides an opportunity to withdraw themselves from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life and reflect quietly about the essential and eternal values, to pray with more fervency and get ready for the great mystery of the Eucharist. If you are in trouble or need advice, a solution to your situation and answers to your questions may also happen to be found there. For someone, a pilgrimage trip will so become a path to God, while someone else will advance in his or her faith and find new strength to live and work for God and for the salvation of their souls.

A pilgrimage is also our sacrifice to God, a sacrifice made by means of prayer, work or a material contribution. When on a trip to churches and monasteries, we can provide the needed support to our relatives and friends, both living and deceased ones, by asking for prayers for them during public worships or for private prayers by monks and nuns.

A pilgrimage department has opened its doors at the St. Elisabeth Convent. We gladly invite you to join us for trips to sacred places in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries and we will be happy to receive you at our convent.

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